The Quick Guide to Stroller Safety and a Happy Baby [Infographic]

There are so many best strollers to choose from these days that many parents think about style first rather than safety. After all, regulations and guidelines today make all models equal in terms of safety, right? If this is what you think, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that’s not entirely true. While there are minimum guidelines that baby stroller manufacturers must meet, not all are equivalent when it comes to the protection, comfort, and safety of your child.


However, the more surprising fact is that regardless what type of stroller a parent chooses — whether it’s expensive and top of the line or a budget model — how effective it is at keeping your baby safe boils down to how you use it. Many parents are unaware of basic measures that should be taken while using a baby stroller that can prevent injury to their infants.


During the summertime, don’t forget to use a stroller with a shade and to pull it over the baby’s head. Sure, your baby will be irresistible to look at, but the sun shade provides key skin protection. No matter what season it is, never forget to strap your baby into the stroller’s harness. Some parents think that older babies or toddlers will do fine without being completely strapped in, but forgoing this step will greatly increase the chances of injury and falls. To further prevent the likelihood of your baby stroller tipping over, never hang your purse, case, or diaper bag on the handle — the extra, uneven weight has been the cause of many accidental spills.


Finally, before purchasing a baby stroller check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to ensure that the model you’re interested in hasn’t been recalled and isn’t the subject of a safety investigation. It’s also important that you choose a stroller appropriate for your baby’s age, weight, and height — a snug, but comfortable, fit is the safest.

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