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This stroller locks forward to bring about increased stability jogging, especially when you are on tough terrains.

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If you have two babies whom you need to take care of as a parent or a caregiver, you do not have to purchase two strollers. The BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller provides you with two carrying spaces to fit two children. This is a very ideal product that you need in order to take care of your children.BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller, Wilderness

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The orange Pro Duallie Stroller comes with unique features that you will not find in other strollers. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to maneuver and its lightweight frame makes it very worry-free to transport.

This stroller locks forward to bring about increased stability jogging, especially when you are on tough terrains. This stroller boasts of adjustable suspension that provides the young children with a smooth ride.

Features of The BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller is a one of the best in our Baby Stroller List.

Superior Maneuverability

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller ReviewThe wheeling mechanism of this stroller ensures that it is comfortable to move around. It doesn’t matter where you want to take your babies, you can always count on this stroller for easy maneuverability.

This is a perfect stroller to go to the zoo, crowded areas, and tight corners among other places that you would want to go with your little ones.

Folding System

When it is not in use, you can fold the stroller for storage or transportation. The durable frame made from aluminum is easy to fold and provides parents with a convenient transport. You can easily get a compact size that will not take too much space in your car.

Safety Mechanism

This is a very safe product for your babies. It has an innovative adjustable suspension to provide the young ones with a smooth ride.

Your kids will definitely love being in this amazing Duallie Stroller. The stroller is designed with 2-position shock absorbers to provide the kids with the desired comfort.

Comfortable Padded Seat

This is among the best strollers in the market that provide the children with a comfortable place to sit on. The material that is used to make the seat is padded, and this gives you an assurance that your kids are comfortable.

The seat feels like the car seat, and it is made of a high-quality fabric that is stain resistant.

2 Seat-Back Pockets

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller ReviewVery few baby strollers are designed with pockets. This forces you to carry a heavy bag which can be tiresome.

With this Duallie Stroller, you can easily carry snacks, bottles, keys and anything that you want in the pockets provided. The pockets save you the hassles of carrying a very heavy bag.

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  • It has perfect brakes for slowing down the hills
  • Perfect stroller for jogging and running
  • Easy to fold for convenient storage and transportation
  • It comes with pockets where you can put some snacks among other things
  • The seats are padded to provide comfort for the children


  • This baby stroller is a bit heavier

Features at a Glance

  • Rear deceleration brakes
  • Height adjustable padded handlebar
  • Two-step folding
  • Adjustable suspension system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this stroller fit normal doors perfectly, for instance, mall doors?

A: Yes, this stroller will fit normal doors. I have one, and I have not experienced any problem entering a mall.

Q: Can someone use this stroller with older kids? I have a five-year-old and 18-month old child?

A: Yes, you can. I use the stroller for my two-year-old and five year. The maximum weight and the seat height are higher than that of other strollers.

Q: Is this product great for twins?

A: Absolutely, depending on the size of your twins you might need to buy an adapter for stroller.

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Final Verdict

This is a very reliable product that will make you proud. Parents who have twins or children of almost the same age will find this stroller amazing.

It is a perfect stroller for a parent looking for a product that can be used on tight corners and tough terrains. You will get used to it very quickly so you will not experience any problems.

The presence of an adjustable handle bar accommodates parents who are short and tall therefore; you can make the necessary adjustments to suit your height.

You do not have to worry about hills and inclines. The stroller is equipped with a hand activated rear declaration brakes to provide added control.

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